We all have them. They play a central role in EVERYTHING we do.
We can't "leave them at home." Let's learn to work with them.
Can you imagine a world without emotion?
Emotions bring colour to life. Emotions are inextricably linked to our thoughts, our actions, our ability to learn, to love, to connect, to create, to grow and develop, to our health, our success, and so much more.

CultureCode is dedicated to helping people and organisations work with emotions to catalyse positive change, and create healthier and more balanced people and cultures. Let's build a better and more sustainable world, one that is richly coloured, today, and for generations to come.
CultureCode helps create organisations people want to engage with by building cohesive, effective leadership teams, and creating brain-friendly strategies, people practices, engagement-strategies and climates that optimise performance — all informed by the latest thinking and applications in human behaviour, motivation, emotional intelligence and neuroscience.
Would you like to ...
Build cohesive and effective leadership teams
The cohesiveness of leadership teams, from top to bottom, impacts their ability to function effectively and achieve maximum results. Create strategic and behavioural alignment, through brain-based individual and team coaching, and EQ and conflict modes assessments and training.
Increase Emotional Intelligence for success and change agility
Neuroscience has shown that we "cannot leave our emotions at the door" — emotions and rationality are inextricably linked. Emotional Intelligence is about effectively using head and heart together to achieve personal and business success.
Improve thinking and results through brain-based coaching
"Facilitating positive change by improving thinking." The Results Coaching System (NeuroLeadership Institute), based on the hard science of how the brain works, will challenge you to achieve results you would not normally have achieved on your own.
Build a culture of appreciation with recognition
Implement a strategically-aligned recognition initiative, and upskill managers to use recognition as an essential leadership practice.
Implement performance improvement initiatives
Understand and positively impact human motivation, behaviour and performance across the stakeholder value-chain through organisation-wide or targeted organisational research and analysis, solution design, implementation and evaluation.
Manage change intentionally, effectively and sustainably
Effective organisational change applies systems thinking and facilitates people to change in order to develop people and business agility and resilience.
Run workshops or focus groups
Connect and collaborate using visual mapping and/ or other appropriate methodologies to understand, unpack, problem-solve, resolve conflicts, define, design, strategise, innovate, and/ or create mutually-beneficial solutions.
Book Marie-Claire for a speaking engagement or masterclass
Marie-Claire is a dynamic and engaging speaker who challenges organisations and people to think differently and to take positive steps to transform the way we work and live.
My happy place!
Hi, I'm Marie-Claire Mclachlan, also known as MC, founder of CultureCode. That's me in action doing what I love — catalysing positive change, and helping to create space and spaces for people to thrive.
Let's connect, collaborate, and create!
Email Marie-Claire for more information: [email protected]
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