We all have them. They play a central role in EVERYTHING we do. We can’t “leave them at home”. Let’s learn to work with them.

Can you imagine a world without emotion?

Emotions bring colour to life. Emotions are inextricably linked to our thoughts, our actions, our ability to learn, to love, to connect, to create, to grow and develop, to our health, our success, and so much more. 

CultureCode is dedicated to helping people and organisations work with emotions to catalyse positive change, and create healthier and more balanced people and cultures. Let's build a better and more sustainable world, one that is richly coloured, today, and for generations to come.

What are you cultivating?

In your inner and personal life? In your relationships? And in the communities, teams and organisations that you belong to? How do we create space within ourselves, and for others, for personal and collective growth, development and success?

For Individuals

Move beyond theory & put your Emotional Intelligence into action.

Grow and use your Emotional Intelligence and "Power Skills" for personal and leadership success.*

Go deeper with an Emotional Intelligence Assessment and a 1:1 debrief.

Book a 6- or 12-session coaching programme.

*Organisational and group sessions available now (live, in person or virtual). Free & affordable online learning and interactive virtual sessions available to everybody coming soon.


For Teams

Emotions drive people. People drive performance.

Teams are the vehicle through which performance is achieved — strategically clear, culturally aligned, high performing teams.

Become a Vital Team — understand and use the drivers of team success with an actionable, practical framework.

Measure your Team's Vitality. Use data to identify opportunities and obstacles for optimal team performance.

Co-create and bring your team's Emotional Culture Code to life.

Learn and grow as a team — get the skills you need to perform at your peak.

For Organisations

Create organisations people want to engage with.

Are you actively managing your culture or is your culture managing you? Culture and change are both rational and emotional.

Define your Emotional Culture as the foundation from which to build a human-centred, enabling, and integrated people experience.

Design brain-friendly, people-centred leadership, organisational and people practices, and change initiatives that encode and enable your culture.

Create and implement people-centred change and communications strategies.

Develop change activation content including tools, guides, workshops, masterclasses and other learning opportunities.

My happy place!

Hi, I'm Marie-Claire, also known as MC, founder of CultureCode. That's me in action doing what I love — catalysing positive change, and helping to create space and spaces for people to thrive.

Let's connect, collaborate and create.

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