“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

— William James, Philosopher and Psychologist —


CultureCode defines recognition as a practice of being mindful of and expressing heartfelt appreciation for people’s organisationally-aligned efforts, contributions, values-based behaviours and achievements.

CultureCode helps organisations to design and implement a recognition initiative that is strategically designed, effectively implemented and enabled through an intuitive, easy to use recognition platform, Kudos Social Recognition, which is a great tool to empower not only leaders, but all employees to adopt a recognition mindset and to tap in to the emotional fuel that is required to drive performance.

Kudos is a peer-to-peer recognition platform and private corporate social network designed to engage your teams via enhanced communication, collaboration, appreciation, recognition, and rewards. Using Kudos, you can send messages and thank your peers in real-time, measure the "quality of your character" and how you work with other people, redeem Kudos Points for eCards or custom rewards, and more.


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Employee Recognition Training

Employee recognition is largely misunderstood and untapped. It is not a programme. It is a leadership best practice. CultureCode trains leaders how to use employee recognition strategically and in alignment with your organisation's purpose and values, whether or not you have a formal recognition programme in place. No matter how well a formal recognition programme is designed and managed, if recognition is not incorporated into the daily practices of employees, and specifically leaders, employee engagement is not likely to be significantly impacted and therefore the potential productivity, retention, increase in values-aligned behaviours and ultimately performance gains may be a missed opportunity.

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