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CultureCode is a Kudos Authorised Partner. This means that CultureCode clients get the best programme design and support implemented through the powerful yet simple Kudos SaaS Social Recognition platform.

Recognition that’s Social and Measurable

Recognition on Kudos combines the best communication features of social media with the ability to send both meaningful peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer recognition. Kudos is a shared, online space where the whole team can come together to celebrate each other’s success. Best of all, you can track and measure the data generated by your team’s Kudos activity via our dashboard, KQ® Analytics and reporting features.

Align Your Recognition Program to Your Culture

Your company’s culture and values set the foundation of your recognition programme on Kudos. Our system is flexible and gives you the ability to recognise values, skills, qualities or any behaviour you’d like to inspire your team to do more of. Kudos can be used to enhance your existing recognition efforts, or it can kick off a new chapter in your company’s cultural growth. CultureCode will be there to assist and guide you through everything from initial rollout to long-term planning.

100% Optional, Affordable and Flexible Rewards

Kudos was designed to be a ‘recognition first’ system, but if you’d like to layer in a rewards component, our offering is a refreshing one; rewards are free from high fees and mark up charges, and you’re in control of the point-to-dollar ratios. Choose from our KudosRewards® eGift card store, or use our Custom Rewards feature to easily create an internal rewards catalogue focused on the products, services and experiences that matter to your team.

Customisable Theme and Language Options

Your Kudos system should feel like a second home for your company’s look and feel. On Kudos, you can customise your theme, sidebar widgets, communication pages, awards and stickers to bring your brand, mission and values to life. With Kudos being available in eight languages – English, French, Spanish, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi and more to come – you’ll also be able to localise your team’s Kudos experience.

Cloud-based for Simplicity, Security and Savings

Our software as a service (SaaS) product has a lot more perks beyond affordability. Kudos is cloud-based meaning our system requires no complex downloads, installs or expensive software purchases. You can rely on our rigorous security measures and protocols to guard your information 24 hours a day, and we also take care of system upgrades. All you need to do is relax and focus on your culture and giving the recognition your team deserves.

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