“Emotional intelligence is effectively blending thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions.”

— Six Seconds —


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to use emotions effectively. Research shows this blending of thinking plus feeling drives effective decision-making, engagement, and superior collaboration. There is clear evidence that emotionally intelligent leaders are more successful. One of the most important applications of EQ is in helping leaders foster a workplace climate conducive to high performance. These workplaces yield significantly higher productivity, retention, and profitability, and emotional intelligence appears key to this competitive advantage. While IQ and other factors are important, emotional intelligence is essential to optimal performance. Emotional Intelligence is more than twice as predictive of business performance than purely cognitive intelligence and is more predictive of business performance than are employee skill, knowledge and expertise.

To read the full business case for EQ, download the Six Seconds document here.

Six Seconds is a global nonprofit network supporting people to create positive change —everywhere, all the time. Founded in 1997, it is the first and largest organisation 100% dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence, working toward a billion people practicing EQ.

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EQ Services

Emotional Intelligence is learnable and everyone can benefit from improving their EQ skills, which are as applicable in the workplace as they are to life outside of work. CultureCode takes leaders and their teams to the next level by helping them increase and apply emotional intelligence using the Six Seconds EQ Model, assessments and tools, which are research-based and field tested with leading organisations. CultureCode's EQ Services include:

EQ workshops & training

EQ-focused sessions, part of a broader leadership team development programme, and open to the public EQ sessions

EQ testing

Using the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI), a statistically rigorous tool for measuring and developing EQ, and the accompanying reports

EQ talks & presentations

In-company or in public speaking engagements

The Six Seconds EQ Model

This model of EQ-in-Action begins with three important pursuits: to become more aware (noticing what you do), to be more intentional (doing what you mean), and to be more purposeful (doing it for a reason). “Under” the three pursuits live eight specific, learnable, measurable competencies. They’re measured through the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment — or SEI.

Know Yourself: Clearly seeing what you feel and do. Emotions are data, and these competencies allow you to accurately collect that information.

Choose Yourself: Doing what you mean to do. Instead of reacting “on autopilot,” these competencies allow you to proactively respond.

Give Yourself: Doing it for a reason. These competencies help you put your vision and mission into action so you lead on purpose and with full integrity.

At the core, emotional intelligence is something to BE. By being more emotionally intelligent, smarter with feelings, you will more accurately recognise emotions in yourself and others. This data will help you make decisions and craft effective solutions to the “life puzzles” you face each day. This is a model about putting EQ into action — hence the verbs. The three pursuits — and the eight competencies — are actions.

The Six Seconds EQ Assessment Suite

SEI, the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessments, are robust tools to help people put emotional intelligence into action.

The suite includes an adult EQ measure (with numerous reports), a 360, and a youth version. SEI is used for a broad range of training, coaching, selection, and development needs. SEI is best-in-class because of the blend of robust psychometrics, easy practicality, and global relevance.

Where several other EQ tools provide meaningful feedback, the SEI is unique because it’s not JUST feedback, it delivers a process framework that equips people to actually USE emotional intelligence.

Profiles and reports come from the same questionnaire, with the same extensive norm base (75,000+) and advanced psychometric analysis.

Key Facts:

  • Three validated assessment tools based on the Six Seconds Model.
  • Over 75,000 users from 50+ countries, including organisations such as FedEx, the US Navy, Dubai Holdings, and Maybank, plus schools and nonprofits around the world.
  • 15+ languages and norms.

The SEI Toolkit includes:

SEI: Self-assessment validated for ages 18 and up. Available reports:

  • Brain Brief Profile BBP — introduction EQ, how emotion and cognition work together.
  • Brain Talent Profile BTP — “top talents” from among 18 key capabilities.
  • Brain Discovery Profile BDP — insight to key strengths and challenges.
  • EQ Dashboard — 1-page summary of a group’s EQ capabilities and talents
  • Strengths Report — introduction to top 3 EQ competencies
  • Development Report DR — in-depth review of emotional intelligence competencies
  • Leadership Report LR — in-depth review of emotional intelligence competencies in a workplace context, linked to key performance outcomes
  • Leader’s Development Guide LDG — sequel to the Leadership Report with specific, customised recommendations for improving EQ
  • Group Report GR — overview of the group’s competencies
  • Comparison Group Report CGR — statistical data about groups or a group over time

SEI360: Multi-rater assessment providing feedback from the individual and unlimited groups of “raters” providing their perspective. Group 360° report available.

SEI-YV: Self-assessment validated for ages 7-18. Group Report and Comparison Group Report plus YV-Brain Brief, Brain Talent, and Dashboard Profiles.

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